Workshop from Affordable Benefits Solutions to Offer Advice Developing Financial Situation for Growth

LANDOVER, MARYLAND, May 16th, 2018 – Affordable Benefits Solutions INC, continues to serve the local community and anyone interested in bettering their financial life by providing guidance through weekly online seminars titled, Financial Fed Fridays. This week’s topic is, “Pruning Your Financial Bad Habits.” The seminar will go over strategies for spending and budgeting that will lead to increased wealth. “The goal is to show how cutting back on spending can lead to blossoming wealth in the future. We have a tendency to believe that budgeting is something that those who are restricted financially do, but this seminar will provide effective ways to trim back on spending and direct those additional funds to procure lasting financial freedom,” says Rita Bailey.

Each week, the President of Affordable Benefits Solutions INC, Rita Bailey, and her Co-Host, Darlene Jenkins, explain in great detail strategies for individuals to become more financially aware. Darlene Jenkins highlights the importance of Financial Fed Fridays, “Financial Fed Friday focuses on helping people choose the right path to enhance their financial future. It’s not as straightforward as people think it is. What we do is break down many of the complex processes involved in the process and provide nuggets of truth for our audience to grow financially. We provide years of experience and training to help people push past many of the financial obstacles that keep them in place for years, preventing them from reaching their goals.”

Affordable Benefits Solutions INC is a professional personal benefits provider and consulting company. They educate clients on obtaining quality, relevant insurance, estate, tax, and retirement planning that meet their needs with the goal of producing favorable outcomes for their client’s lifestyles in Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. Their many workshops show clients available options and resources for managing money with the goal of financial freedom through successful spending strategies and knowledge of available resources. Financial Fed Friday’s is one of many services ABS offers to help guide others in their march towards financial freedom.

Bailey believes in the value of preparing your financial future through education stating that, “there is power in understanding, and that power allows us to be proactive, not reactive, and it allows us to secure our financial future.”

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Munir Sharif