Federally Employed Women's National Training in Philadelphia

In the 7/26/19 segment of Financial Fed Friday, we broadcast live from the Federally Employed Women’s National Training Program in Philadelphia, PA. Federally Employed Women (FEW) is an organization that works to end gender discrimination, encourage diversity, and support the advancement of women in federal service. The 2019 program celebrates 50 years of commitment to encouraging, empowering, and elevating women through financial education.

Participants learned the importance of ensuring that upon their death, their wealth will be passed on to their loved ones. If the current generation doesn’t have a system in place for transferring wealth to the next generation,. each generation has to start over in creating wealth.

Participants were also taught the basics of retirement planning. Many people spend a year or more planning a four- to eight-hour wedding, but they don’t plan their retirement. Or, if they do, the plan is incomplete. Participants learned a holistic approach to retirement planning that includes awareness of how their money habits influence the quality of their retirement.

Lastly, participants received an action plan, including a budget and information about personal financial planning. They also received three books: The Top 10 IRA Mistakes; The New Rules of Planning for Retirement; and No Compromise in Retirement.

Program sponsor Affordable Benefits Solutions also believes that education is a way to empower people to make the best financial decisions. Please give us a call to discuss your questions about retirement planning, estate planning, insurance services, and credit/debt elimination.

Watch the episode here: https://youtu.be/cBCJRE6c2bw