At Affordable Benefits Solutions, we are dedicated to helping people not only grow but also maintain their wealth. Once we educate our clients, we also provide them with the confidence, resources, and tools needed to make better and stronger decisions for a more secure financial future.

In an effort to educate more people, Affordable Benefits Solutions joined hands with Blacks in Government (B.I.G.) which is a world-class and member-focused enterprise whose aim is centered around excellence as well as advocating equal opportunity for all government employees.

For the community!

From 13th August to 16th August, Affordable Benefits Solutions, along with other professionals, was present at the “Blacks in Government 40th Annual National Training Institute.” Held in New Orleans, LA, the theme for this year was “Leveraging Your Professional Attributes for Sustained Growth and Development.” The purpose of this 4-day event was to maximize the career opportunities for employees with growth, leadership, and inclusion training.

Affordable Benefits Solutions conducted the following training sessions to educate and enrich the conference attendees:

On Tuesday, 14th of August 2018, ABS conducted the training session titled “Understanding Your Federal Employee Benefits for the New Retirement Climate.” If you missed out on this class, there is  no need to worry! You can still reap all the benefits by purchasing the book with the same name. In this book, you’ll find clear and concise answers for the most commonly asked questions regarding federal employee benefits. You can purchase the book by going to the ABS website or on

On Wednesday, 15th of August, the training session titled g“Preparing for a Healthy Retirement” took place in conjunction with Aetna Health Ins. ABS introduced strategic and practical financial as well as retirement solutions for each career phase, thus helping employees be more prepared for the impact of rising health care costs in retirement.

Another training session also took place on the 15th of August titled “Financial Planning for Millennials Facing the New Retirement Climate.” The purpose of this session was to introduce younger employees to a different skill set to help build a better financial future for themselves and their families. ABS provided financial literacy and introduced innovative ways to build wealth geared towards a new generation.

When asked for her input, CEO of Affordable Benefits Solutions, Dr. Rita B Roland, expressed how proud she was to work with the Blacks in Government (B.I.G.) organization as an effort to provide educational resources for the B.I.G. community. She also commented on how the turnout was fantastic and all the attendees left with a heightened enthusiasm for their financial future!

All in all, the Blacks in Government 40th Annual National Training Institute was a great success with numerous attendees taking away practical and useful knowledge.

Munir Sharif